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Lot Number: Mar20200003 Expires In :
Start Time: 2020-03-04 09:20:26
End Time: 2022-10-25 09:20:26
Price per Unit: R
No. Of Units in Lot: 1
Total Value of Lot: R
Total No. of Bids: 0
Current hightest bid per Unit : R 0
Your Bid:
Top 5 Bids :
Game Species (English) : Cattle - Afrigus
Game Species (Afrikaans) : Beeste - Afrigus
Game Category : Heifer
Game Type : Stud Livestock
Quantity : 1
Price Quoted inclusive of:
     Game Capture Cost: No
     All Permits Cost: No
     Transport: No
     Partial transport cost within kilometers radius: No
Province: Eastern Cape
Town / City: Addo
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