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Van Rooy Sheep


Van Rooy Sheep Breeders Association 


In December 1947, a number of Van Rooy sheep breeders assembled at Colesberg and established the Van Rooy Sheep Breeders Association of South Africa under the guidance of chairman, Mr. MA du Plessis of Steynsburg. 


Van Rooy Sheep Breeders’ Association of South Africa was formed with the objective of protecting the growth and the interests of the Van Rooy sheep. Unfortunately, in 1950 the association was disbanded due to the influence of the very high wool prices. Farmers lost interest in the organisation and it remained inactive for several years until 1960 when it was resuscitated under the chairmanship of Mr. NL Steyn of Colesberg. 


Today, the Van Rooy Sheep Breeders Association of South Africa remains actively involved in the sheep industry, with membership increasing each year. The association is continuously rendering necessary services to its members, industry roleplayers and prospective breeders and members.


The association offers farmers an inspection service, conducted by its appointed inspectors, in order to improve the quality standards of the breed. Stud animals are tattooed in their right ear for identification.


The association helps Van Rooy farmers purchase their animals to ensure pure breed animals are procured and the Van Rooy Sheep Breeders’ Association also hosts a National Championship biannually where breed quality is more readily discernible.


Annual sales on ed ram ewe also occur through the association and its also hosts a programme which offers Van Rooy farmers access to seminars and lectures about the information pertaining to the breeding industry. 


The Van Rooy Breeders’ Association of South Africa has been formed to ensure impeccable breed quality and facilitates collaboration for Van Rooy farmers who have a common interest and goal.


The Van Rooy Sheep Breed


The Van Rooy, also referred to as the Van Rooy White Persian, is a popular sheep breed that is native to South Africa.


There are many factors that make this particular breed favoured such as its adaptability, fertility and distribution of fat.


In South Africa, the climate isn’t always favourable for sheep farmers due to occasional droughts. This influences the nutritional value of grazing every season.


The summers are increasingly hot and the winter time is brutally cold and farmer’s also face an increase in diseases and internal parasites. A breed of sheep that can resist all these difficulties is almost impossible to come by but the Van Rooy sheep proves its hardiness and adaptability. It faces drought successfully and can grow and reproduce on minimum grazing. 


The breed also has a strong resistance to extreme temperature changes, owing to its sufficient wool and farmers have less challenges in dealing with diseases and internal parasites as Van Rooy sheep are not easily affected due to their thicker skin. 


Van Rooy sheep thrives in all the regions in South Africa and Namibia. Whether its high rainfall areas or bushveld and grassy regions, the Van Rooy has proved itself time and time again. Van Rooy ewe have an unlimited mating season and fertility is one of its outstanding traits. The breed is also in demand for cross breeding practices because of its fat distribution, regular reproduction and hardiness.


From an economical point of view, farmers who intend on breeding slaughter lambs for the meat market have readily searched for Van Rooy sheep owing to its diverse opportunities, as discussed above.



Services of Van Rooy Breeders Association


Van Roy Breeders’ Association of South Africa acts as a representative body for the sheep breeders’ industry, provides assistance for common problems within the community and acts as a liaison between various association members, industry roleplayers and Van Rooy farmers.


The Van Rooy Sheep Breeders’ Association committee serves as an instrument of negotiation in protecting the sustainability and interests of the sheep breeders’ industry.


The association aims to establish itself as an authoritative body, which represents the interests of Van Rooy sheep breeders and the sheep breeders’ industry. The research and development the association invests in, aims to avenues for the growth and improvement of the industry.


The research focuses on this breed and a compilation of its history in general, as well as that of individual flocks and determining the correct breed of such flocks. Pure-breeding of Van Rooy sheep is propagated as a slaughter sheep under indigenous circumstances.


The Van Rooy Sheep Breeders’ Association also appoints or recommends judges for agricultural shows by assessing their abilities. The interests of buyers and sellers are of primary concern to the association and farmers may purchase animals through the association to ensure that the animals procured are thoroughbred and fit for breeding purposes.


The quality of sheep produced is also monitored by the association so as to preserve the industry’s reputation. Ultimately, the association serves to negotiate and treat affairs concerning the interest of Van Rooy sheep breeders and farmers and members of the association. 



Van Rooy Membership and Benefits


The Van Rooy Breeders’ Association of South Africa is a membership-based association and is open to any bona fide Van Rooy sheep breeder. 


Van Rooy Sheep Breeders’ Association membership stipulates that any member should subscribe and uphold the rules of the constitution and respect the decisions the association makes. The association’s committee reserves the right to accept or reject any membership applications at their discretion. Membership subscription fees are determined annually. 


Once a member of the Van Rooy Breeders’ Association of South Africa, access will be granted to the association’s partners and benefits, such as access to the research and information the association invests in and access to other roleplayers, farmers and partners in the breeder’s industry.


Members will be entitled to address concerns and issues and vote at the association’s meetings. Honorary members who are not entitled to a membership may only be allowed to attend meetings but not vote. Members may resign from the association, if they so choose.


The Van Rooy Sheep Breeders’ Society serves as a mouthpiece for the breeders’ industry therefore members have access to the association’s committee, through which they may also make inputs on the political processing regarding the sheep breeders’ industry.


Members are also able to procure animals through the association to ensure the sheep are pure-breeds and members can engage in the agricultural activities hosted by the association in order to form relationships with one another as well as industry experts and key roleplayers.

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