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Namibia minister issues groundwater warning
ConCourt dismisses Zim farmers R2 billion claim over land grabs
US agricultural emissions lowest since 2021 – new report Read more
Department of agriculture under scrutiny for mismanaged funds Read more
New vaccine plant to help Zambia combat FMD Read more
Why farmers across Europe are up in arms Read more
Californians suing state over contaminated groundwater Read more
Farmer protest heaps further pressure on German government Read more
Egyptian agritech company unveils soilless solution to water shortage Read more
More warthogs must be culled - 8 November 2023 Read more
Encouraging successes achieved in tackling stock theft - 6 November 2023 Read more
RPO welcomes new red meat markets
Poor veld conditions in some parts recorded
Markets shifts for red meat industry
Livestock farmers test paths to greener agriculture
Globale pryse daal steeds
Global conference on sustainable livestock transformation held
Landbou lewer belangrike bydrae tot BBP
Price trends in the market
Joint Media Release: BKB & SA STUD BOOK
Collapse of animal health system is costing SA billions - 2 October 2023
Challenges facing the SA livestock industry Read more
Landbou lewer belangrike bydrae tot BBP
Concern about global food security - September 2023
FMD 11 April 2022
FMD 04 April 2022
Meat Industry of SA
Red Meat Producers
Milk SA
FMD 23 March 2022
FMD 22 March 2022
FMD 02 March 2022
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Classification of Production Systems
Inclusivity to Livestock Sector
Animal Instincts
Biological Farming
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Regenerative Agriculture
Sustainable Production
AMT Week 38 - 2021
FMD_What you need to know
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