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Global Conference On Sustainable Livestock Transformation Held

Global conference on sustainable livestock transformation held 

Participants from multiple sectors and around the world recently gathered in Rome for the first-ever global conference on sustainable livestock transformation.

Hosted by the food and agriculture organisation of the United Nations (FAO), the event aimed to address the pressing challenge of how to produce more with less environmental impact, less social impact and more economic return with greater equity.

 “Livestock production is a vital part of our agrifood systems, providing essential nutrients for all and enhanced livelihoods and economic opportunities for billions of people around the world,” FAO Director-General QU Dongyu said in remarks opening the three-day conference.

FAO advocates that improving efficiency is essential to producing more with less. In the case of livestock, efficiency can be pursued by optimising feed conversion, reducing feed loss and waste and enhancing nutrient utilisation, all of which can reduce pressure on biodiversity and land and water resources, as well as decrease greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate environmental degradation.

“We should appreciate all the people who provide and produce animal protein products, and then work together on how to improve all the challenges related to the sector,” Qu said.

Successful sustainable livestock transformation also requires an integrated approach that mitigates the risk of zoonotic diseases and tackles the issue of anti-microbial Resistance (AMR), he added.

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