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FARMhere Ed 42 15 May 2024 Read more
New loan launched to help farmers, support sustainable agriculture
The Gagelas’ unique livestock operation
Travel with the Mielie-Hop Shuttle to Nampo
R1,2m support for Eastern Cape’s black citrus growers
Good weather set to attract many visitors to Nampo
Nampo: Networking, innovation, and growth!
Emfuleni municipal manager in hot water over sewage spillage
Farmers urged to animal health programmes for winter
Drop in diesel price welcomed
Foot-and-mouth outbreak in Eastern Cape
Going to Nampo? Read this first Read more
Beware of a growing foot rot threat
No ‘quick buck’ but dragon fruit is on a steady rise Read more
The dangers of using livestock medicines incorrectly
Poor quality silage threatens animal health Read more
Russian grain crop not at risk despite flooding – agri minister Read more
Directive issued to promote welfare of animals in transit Read more
NAMPO aims to connect farmers and visitors again Read more
Pioneering carrot producer Vito Rugani mourned Read more
Congress discusses improving mental health in veterinary industry Read more
FARMhere Edition 41 Read more
Maize theft in Free State raises serious concern Read more
How to install a proper fence structure Read more
Heavy rains bring damage, but also relief Read more
UN pledges R37 billion towards Zimbabwe’s drought crisis Read more
UN pledges R37 billion towards Zimbabwe’s drought crisis Read more
Stellenbosch farmers bear the brunt of the storm Read more
Electricity price hike hits farmers and consumers hard Read more
Chocolate prices expected to continue rising as cocoa crisis deepens Read more
Why cybersecurity is needed in farming Read more
Strengths and weaknesses of the Expropriation Bill Read more
Farmers still feeling the pinch after COVID-19 Read more
Zimbabwe sees decline in crop production due to drought Read more
Agribusiness confidence expected to remain low in 2024 Read more
Boerhier Uitgawe 92 Read more
Protectionism and shipping disruptions threaten agri trade Read more
Young sheep farmer builds thriving business despite challenges Read more
Benefits of having a well-trained dog for farmers Read more
New FMD outbreak reported Read more
Plight of female agricultural workers in the spotlight Read more
Seventh consecutive decline in global food price index Read more
Logistical challenges highlighted at Fruit Logistica Read more
Zimbabwe’s tobacco producers earn less despite increased exports Read more
Zambia diversifies and revives cashew production Read more
Start training as soon as you get your puppy! Read more
Macadamia farmers explore new markets amid price challenges Read more
From a DJ to a successful farmer in the Eastern Cape Read more
Agri GDP growth under pressure Read more
Taung farmers receive harvester to boost crop production Read more
Illegal orchards under scrutiny in US-Mexico avocado trade Read more
Game industry continues its upward trajectory Read more
Fuel price increase will hurt consumers and logistics companies Read more
BOERhier Uitgawe 91 Read more
Extra cargo service to boost citrus exports Read more
Corporates and wine sector lose, while sugar wins in Budget 2024 Read more
Lack of transparency clouds touted land claim progress Read more
Safeguarding livestock from a potentially toxic plant Read more
Macadamias are on the mend Read more
Tips for preparing livestock to be sold at a good price Read more
Farmhere Edition 39 Read more
Poor machinery sales for South Africa Read more
Massive crop losses for Canadian fruit farmers after ‘deep freeze’ Read more
ARC conference highlights innovative SA agricultural research Read more
World Pulses Day highlights this miracle food Read more
Prolonged power outage in Western Cape Read more
Above-inflation minimum wage hike will hinder job creation Read more
Nearly R2 billion spent on failed land reform Read more
Boer Hier Veilings Read more
Huge wishes but small expectations from SONA 2024 Read more
Tongaat Hulett business rescue plan approved Read more
Farm dog care: Achieving a healthier ‘pack structure’ Read more
Agricultural trends that will impact your farm in 2024 Read more
Understanding livestock medicine guidelines Read more
Understanding livestock medicine guidelines Read more
Boost profit by using available genetic resources Read more
Agriculture takes the spotlight in matric class of 2023 Read more
Limit on animal feed imports from SA hampers Namibian livestock farmers Read more
Summer is parasite time Read more
The ARC’s farm assessment toolkit Read more
Farm sales outlook points to positive growth Read more
Set up marketing facilities and community structures Read more
What to consider when mixing your own feed Read more
Joburg market’s R32 million generator leaves fresh produce rotting - 28 November 2023 Read more
Unlocking Africa’s agricultural potential - 24 November 2023 Read more
Agri sector shows robust performance in labour survey - 16 November 2023 Read more
Clarity on BEE agricultural produce export rules - 13 November 2023 Read more
Bovine imports significantly higher than previous year - November 2023
Elektrifisering van grensheining sinvol vir predasiebestuur
Fake meat may become cheaper
NZ farm profit margins expected to hit a 15-year low
Rabbits dying en masse as RHDV sweeps SA - 27 October 2023 Read more
WEBINAR: Getting started with goat farming Read more
Strategies for limiting livestock losses to predators Read more
Beware of veld fires
PMSA Newsletter April 2023 Read more
PMSA Newsletter March 2023 Read more
Experiment aims to fight livestock methane with seaweed
PMSA Newsletter February 2023 Read more
Australian red meat industry is resilient
PMSA Newsletter January 2023 Read more
Treating seedy mohair Read more
Working together to control parasites in livestock Read more
Using DNA sampling to deter stock thieves Read more
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Using chickens, pigs and sheep to save your soil Read more
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