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Experiment Aims To Fight Livestock Methane With Seaweed

Experiment aims to fight livestock methane with seaweed

An international team of scientists at Greener Grazing, a research and development company in central Vietnam, is growing a feathery, fern-like red seaweed called Asparagopsis taxiformis in a laboratory, with the aim of transferring the seaweed into the bay to grow fully.

In theory, Greener Grazing would then disseminate this know-how to farmers around the world, allowing local communities to grow, harvest and sell A. taxiformis for income as a climate solution.

This seaweed wouldn’t be for human consumption or use in cosmetics: It would be fed to livestock as a way to largely eliminate their methane emissions.

The challenge, however, is immense. There are nearly three billion cattle and sheep in the world and Greener Grazing estimates about 100 million tons of A. taxiformis would be needed as a feed additive annually to eliminate 98% of the roughly 231 billion pounds of methane these livestock emit each year.

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